What You Need to Know about Find My iPhone Activation Lock

Activation Lock is included on Find My iPhone. It is a feature to prevent any unauthorized from using your device. It is an Apple-designed app as one of the protections if your device is missing or stolen. By turning Find My iPhone on, the Activation Lock is automatically enabled. Indeed, your Apple ID and password are required. There is no possibility done by unauthorized access to turn off Find My iPhone, erase your device and reactivate and use the device.

Recovering change is improved while securing your data from the wrong hands. It is only by your permission, the device can remotely be erased its data. It is a must to always remember about your Apple ID and password and surely to keep Find My iPhone app always ON. Starting from watchOS 2, enabling Activation Lock is also a feature to protect your Apple Watch.

find my iphone activation lock

Find My iPhone Activation Lock frequently asked questions are How does it work, what steps to take if my device is misplaced, is turning Find My iPhone app a must before giving away the device and more.

Turning Off Find My iPhone is indeed a must to do before giving away the device. Go to Settings> iCloud> Sign Out> Sign Out again. Delete from My iPhone to erase all personal data information. This will require your password.

After that, Go back to Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings.

Even if your iPhone is about to be serviced, you better to turn off Find My iPhone too. If it is On, then no service can be performed by technicians.

In case you forget your Apple ID password, just reset it. You can go to Apple ID account page. Contacting Apple support is also a way but you need to verify your identity first of all.

If you are buying or just bought a used Apple device, make sure of asking the Apple ID and password. You do not want to have any linked to the previous owner’s account, do you? Via Mac or PC, you can visit icloud.com/activationlock to check the current status of Activation Lock.

Or, you can also manually check the device to use by following these steps:

  • Turn the device on and slide to unlock – Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Begin the device setup process – The device will begin activation after you choose language, country and connecting to a network. The device is still linked to previous owner’s account if you are asked for the Apple ID and password you do not know. You better contact the previous owner.

Seeing “Set up your iPhone,” “Set up your iPod” or “Set up your iPad” means that you are using it for the first time.

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