Using Find My iPhone when Device is Offline

You cannot see your missing device when using Find My iPhone? Let it be an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch or Mac. The devices are most likely to be offline. There are some other reasons of why not able to see on My Find iPhone and iCloud.

You have not set up the iCloud on your device. To activate the iCloud, just go to Settings> Sign In with your Apple ID.

Find My iPhone app is off. Go to Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone> Turn on Find MY iPhone> Tap Allow.

ICloud sign on iOS device using a different Apple ID. Sign in to Find My iPhone using another account until seeing the device.

In order to find your missing or stolen device, an internet connection is required.

By using the same Apple ID, up to 100 devices can be registered. Another device added will not appear on your All Devices list. If the new device is really want to be added to Find My iPhone using iCloud, then you need to remove one that existing.

Offline Find My iPhone

find my iphone offline

There are some reasons of why seeing Offline or No Location available or Location Services Off. Here they are:

  • Battery has run out. Another reason is because of the device has been more than 24 hours since sending the last location to Apple. The remaining battery can be seen when the device is connected to the internet. See it in the information pane’s upper-right corner.
  • If your device is not connected to a Wi-Fi, then you need to wait a few minutes before trying again.
  • There are countries that do not offer the feature. This might be due to local law or technical limitations.

By using Find My iPhone, you can play a sound, send message, lock activation or erase your iOS device. To have your SIM card and account deactivated, you can contact your wireless service provider. Just by telling that your device is lost or stolen, they will do it. By doing this, your missing or stolen device will not be able to do service.

Only for a day that your device location can be known. This means more than 24 hours of missing the device without any information, you might want to buy a new one.

Large Location Circle

Accuracy about the location of your missing device is important. To make sure of it right, just wait for a few minutes to refresh the map. If it persists, then the big possibility that the device has no access to GPS signal or Wi-Fi.

find my iphone location

Seeing Anonymous Device

find my iphone list

It is strongly always recommended to sign out iCloud and erase all personal information along with its settings. This is needed when you are about to give away or sell your Apple devices. Thus, all of your personal information protected.

Your device is offline? Then remove it. Go to iCloud> click x to the right of its name. Or just swipe away the device name o remove via Find My iPhone on your iOS device.

Anytime it can come back online and reappear automatically on your device list.

How to Remove Linking to Previous Owner’s Account

Did you buy a used Apple device? There is possibility to have linked to previous owner’s account. Before buying, you better to ask for the Apple ID along with password.

How to Turn On Find My Mac

iCloud System Preferences> Log in with an administrative user account> Turn on Find My Mac.

You better make sure whether the recovery system is up to date or not. If it is not, then go to Software Update in Apple menu. It is also recommended o install the Mac OS X Recovery HD Update from your OS X version.

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