Tracking Missing or Stolen Device Find My iPhone in Lost Mode

Just get to the point directly. The Lost Mode is used to track the current location of your missing or stolen device. This is a way to retrieve your Apple device back to your hand. Previous posts are discussing about this too. You can use Find My iPhone or iCloud. Here are the details.

find my iphone in lost mode

Your device should be online so that to put Lost Mode and Lock. You can have the tracking begins. It is hard to locate your missing or stolen device when it is off. However, the last location when ON is sent. Your Apple ID email address will be sent a confirmation email.

You can play a sound, sent custom message or even deleting all personal information. These can be done although your device is offline. When your missing or stolen device comes back online, the passcode lock and tracking will take effect.

Turn Off Find My iPhone Lost Mode

By entering passcode on your device, you can turn off the Lost Mode. Or, you can also change any contact information to be displayed on your lost device.

Apple Pay’s credit and debit cards will be suspended in Lost Mode. To resume using them, just sign in to iCloud.

Go to Find My iPhone on iCloud> All Devices> Lost Mode> click Stop Lost Mode.

Find My iPhone is NOT Set Up on Your Lost Device

You need to make sure of enabled Find My iPhone on you missing device. If it is, then just follow these steps:

  • Sign in to iCloud or use the Find My iPhone on another Apple’s device. It can be iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  • Go to Find My Iphone> select the device to locate on a map. If your missing device is nearby, just play a sound so that someone can help finding it for you.

Turn on Lost Mode

Your missing device can be locked remotely using a passcode. Displaying a custom message with a phone number to contact you on the screen is featured. By doing these, you can keep tracking the location of your device. If you cannot find the missing or stolen device, you better to go for a report to local law enforcement. So your device’s serial number will be required.

Erase your Device

To make sure of secure and safe data information on your missing device, just erase all of them remotely. So note that you can no longer tracking the device once you did it. Activation Lock is turned off. The person who has your device will be able to activate and use it.

However, you can still to disable calls, texts, and data use by reporting to your wireless carrier. It is also a way to find your missing or stolen device under your wireless carrier plan.

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