This category of tips discusses about ways, advice or step by step in how to do to apply Find My iPhone app. Any Apple devices including iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and Mac that lost can possibly be retrieved through Find My iPhone or iCloud. There are tips to follow.

Using Find My iPhone when Device is Offline


You cannot see your missing device when using Find My iPhone? Let it be an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch or Mac. The devices are most likely to be offline. There are some other reasons of why not...

How to Find Your Mac if Lost or Stolen


How to find your mac if lost or stolen? Here are the details. Locate and protect all of your personal information on Mac when it goes missing or stolen. With the help from Find My Mac, it is simple...

How to Find a Lost iPhone with iCloud


View on a map or play a sound to find your missing device from Apple. This can be done by signing in into iCloud. Use Lost Mode to have the device locked, then track or erase your personal data...