How to Find Your Mac if Lost or Stolen

How to find your mac if lost or stolen? Here are the details. Locate and protect all of your personal information on Mac when it goes missing or stolen. With the help from Find My Mac, it is simple to do. Just go to System Preferences> iCloud. However, the app should be set up on the Mac before it does missing. So this means you cannot do an effort using the app if it is not set up yet. All you can do is just to contact law enforcement in your local.

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More about Find My Mac

You can apply some of features to help finding your Mac. Just sign in to iCloud on another PC or computer. Or you can also download the app Find My iPhone for iPad, iPod Touch and surely iPhone.

  • View on a Map – Tap to open Find My iPhone> Devices> Your Mac. This will allow you to see its location right on a map.
  • Play a Sound – If you think that your missing Mac is nearby, then you can play a sound to locate it. The sound is quite loud to let you know where it is.
  • Lock your Mac – Are you worried that your Mac falls into the wrong hands? Then lock your Mac remotely to secure and protect your data information on the device. Displaying a custom message is also a feature that shows on its screen.
  • Erase your Mac – If finding it is impossible, then you can erase and delete all your personal information remotely. It is simple in keeping your data safe.

Your Mac is Offline

At least you can still get a notification about when it’s location before turned off or offline. Find My Mac will let you know.  You can still lock, erase remotely. Once the Mac is online, the actions will take effect. Do you want to cancel the requests about them? Then simply remove your Mac from Find My Mac.

Lock Your Mac

Enter your passcode on the lock screen once your Mac is located to unlock it. Do you forget your passcode? Please visit Apple Authorized Service Provider to have your Mac unlocked. The Mac’s proof of purchase should be taken along with you.

What to Do if you Cannot Find your Mac?

The app is the only service to help you locating a lost Mac. It is important to have the app set up after buying it. This is about protecting your data information. If you lost it and have not set up Find My Mac, protect your data by following these steps.

  • Change your Apple ID password – This is to prevent anyone from accessing your data on iCloud or other services.
  • Change your password on other accounts – Email, banking, social media using your Mac should be changed the passwords to prevent any unwanted thing from happening.
  • Report to local law enforcement – You will be requested to give your Mac’s serial number. Find it on the original box or receipt of the purchased Mac.
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