How to Find a Lost iPhone with iCloud

View on a map or play a sound to find your missing device from Apple. This can be done by signing in into iCloud. Use Lost Mode to have the device locked, then track or erase your personal data remotely if you are desperate in finding it. Moreover just read this.

Any Apple device that is missing can be located and protected. Let it be iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch or Mac, you are going to be helped with Find My iPhone app. You can locate, play sound, use Lost Mode or Remotely Erase all of your personal data in the missing or stolen device.

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Get started with Find My iPhone

First of all, at, you can use Find My iPhone which of course should be set up on you device first of all. Find My iPhone iOS app can also be downloaded freely to use on any device with iOS. Are you finding it using a computer? Then you will need to have a browser that have System Requirements for iCloud.

Family Sharing Group

The app is to locate and protect family members. It allows each family member to communicate digitally. This app has been reviewed on another article. For more information, see this link.

Activation Lock

Automatically, the Activation Lock is ON after setting up Find My iPhone. The missing or stolen iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch become harder to use when sold or stolen.

Finding iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

The approximate location of you missing device can be located. You need to have the Find My iPhone set up both on device along with iCloud. If you are looking for Apple Watch, it should have been paired with an iPhone. Indeed, the devices should be in range of Wi-Fi Network. It is a lot easier by having Family Sharing and Location. Finally the app will surely be a great value to family members.

Find My iPhone on iCloud

Your Find My iPhone is invisible on This is most likely that your account has access to iCloud web-only features. In addition, you can easily cope with this. Just set up iCloud on your iOS or Mac to have access on Find My iPhone and other features of iCloud.

Dots Indicate Status

  • A green dot means Online. You can locate the missing device along with the time when located.
  • A gray dot means Offline. It was online recently. The time was located can be viewed too. Select “Notify me when found” so that to get an email once the device is located.


  • To get an update about the location, you can click the Green Dot to be refreshed.
  • Drag to move the map.
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out
  • Change the view of the map to current view and click the way of it you want.


Data collection services determine maps and location information provided by third parties. In all geographic areas, the services may change or even unavailable. This will eventually result in accuracy or incompletion of location information and maps.

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