How Does Find My iPhone Work – Tracking A Lost or Stolen iPhone or iPad

How Does Find My iPhone Work? Having the app Find My Iphone is indeed a must to track your missing or stolen device. You can do other things like locking and erasing data remotely on it. On this post, you will learn how to track an iPhone or iPad that missing or stolen. It is easy to do with Find My iPhone.

How Does Find My iPhone Work?

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Your missing or stolen device should have Find My iPhone app installed indeed. It is directly from iCloud also working well. What are the steps to activate Find My iPhone app? Here are the details below.

Apple devices including iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone can install Find My iPhone. Your friend’s iPhone can also be used to track the missing device of yours. Signing in to iCloud using PC to use the app is also applicable.

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First of all, your Apple ID and password are needed to launch Find My iPhone via iPad or iPhone. A split screen with a map will be shown at the top. At the bottom, you will also see a list of devices linked to your Apple ID. The exact device you are about to track can be tapped to find its location.

find my iphone locate

Playing a sound on a lost device is one of the features given by Apple devices. If it is nearby, you can hear it. It will still play a sound even though your device is on mute. On the missing device, its screen will show Find My iPhone Alert.

find my iphone play sound

Getting the right directions to find a lost device that nearby is easy. Just tap on Actions button at the upper’s screen right corner. Then tap on the car icon. Finally the map will be launched to give you a lead on the directions where to locate the device.

find my iphone directions

These steps can be done if you lost iPhone or iPad. However, it is strongly recommended to put it in Lost Mode. It is for a stolen device.

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