Find My iPhone to Locate your Missing Apple Watch

Find My iPhone will help you finding your missing or stolen Apple Watch. Protecting your personal information is indeed one of the main purposes. How it works? You are coming to the right site to learn more about it.

iOS 10 and watchOS 3, you can locate the missing Apple watch through the app Find My iPhone. The set up of Find MY iPhone on paired iPhone, your Apple Watch has it too automatically. This means any missing or stolen Apple Watch device can be located through Find My iPhone. You need to make sure of a trusted Wi-Fi connection. Your Apple ID and password are required to access your Apple Watch. Thanks to Activation Lock.

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View your Apple Watch on a Map

To do it, access the map by signing in to iCloud. Or, you can also use Find My iPhone app. Apple Watch Series 2 can show an approximate location. GPS and a trusted Wi-Fi connection are just what you need. Apple Watch series 1 does not contain GPS as one of the features. Your paired iPhone or its Wi-Fi connection will let you know where the device is near. Just play a sound to locate it.

How to Locate Apple Watch on your Computer

  • Go to iCloud>  Sign in Apple ID> Find My iPhone> All Devices> Apple Watch
  • How to Locate Apple Watch on your iPhone
  • Go to Find My iPhone> Sign in Apple ID and password> Apple Watch
  • Play a sound to locate the nearby missing device. Your Apple Watch will ring until Dismiss is tapped.
  • Connected Wi-Fi is required so that your paired iPhone able to show you the missing device on a map.
  • Lost Mode Apple Watch

Lock it right away on iCloud! This is a must to protect your personal information on your Apple Watch if goes missing. Your paired iPhone can also do Lost Mode. Just clock Lost Mode and confirm it on your iPhone. Enter a phone number to reach and then click Next. Enter message to show on the watch screen. You are done. If the person who finds your device is not the wrong hand, then he or she will contact you.

Your email will be sent message about your Apple Watch in Lost Mode by Find My iPhone app. You can later to turn off or cancel it.

If your missing Apple Watch is found already, then you can unlock it by entering your passcode. It will turn off the Lost Mode automatically. Then you can normally use the device again. Turning off the Lost Mode on your iCloud and iPhone can be done.

Turning Off Lost Mode on your computer

Sign in to iCloud> Enter Apple ID> Find iPhone> Apple Watch> Turn Off Lost Mode> Turn Off

Turning Off Lost Mode on your iPhone

Find My iPhone> Apple Watch> Lost Mode> Turn Off Lost Mode> Turn Off

Your Apple Watch not seen on the map

In case you are NOT YET turning on Find My iPhone before missing or stolen, there are steps to follow. These can be done although the device has not yet paired to iPhone or connected to Wi-Fi.

Place it in Lost Mode! Before someone turning off Find My iPhone, erasing your Watch or pairing it with another iPhone, the Lost Mode is the very first step.

You should have your Apple ID password changed to prevent anyone from accessing your iCloud.

Then you may need to report the missing Apple Watch to law enforcement in your place. They will need the device’s serial number.

To track missing devices from Apple including Apple Watch, Find My iPhone is the only way. So make sure of everything needed to do with the device.

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