Find My iPhone iCloud Lost Mode – All Details You Need to Know

Find My iPhone iCloud Lost Mode – The “Lost Mode” is the very first thing when you cannot find your iOS device. Let it ne Apple Watch, Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the app will lock it while you can track its location. Set up Family Sharing is an advantage because your family member can help you out finding your missing or stolen Apple’s device.

Minimum system requirements are needed by iOS device to run Lost Mode. This means different devices have different configurations to be able to use Lost Mode.

find my iphone icloud lost mode

More Details about Lost Mode

The feature locks your device using a passcode. This is meant to make sure of no one is able to access all of your personal information or data. There are features available when you are activating Lost Mode on your missing or stolen device.

  • Custom message on the screen – You can write down a message that the device is lost. Show a message to the finder about how to contact you.
  • In the Lost Mode, there are no alerts or noises when receiving phone calls, messages and any other notification at all. It will not play a sound when alarms go off too.
  • In the missing device, your accounts like debit and credit cards for Apple Pay set up are suspended. This is surely about safety and security of your Apple Pay account.

How to Turn on Lost Mode

  • Sign in on iCloud> Find My iPhone. iCloud web-only features can be accessed if you cannot see Find My iPhone on iCloud. Your iOS device or Mac can be set up with iCloud to gain access of Find My iPhone along with other features from iCloud.
  • All Devices> select the “device” to lock and track.
  • iOS 10 and later can use Lost Mode. iOS 5 or OS X v10.7.5 or later can Lock.

There are onscreen instructions to follow in the effort to find your missing device.

  • If your device has no passcode, you will be asked to create a new one.
  • Apple ID password should be entered on PC if you are trying to place one’s iOS device (Family Sharing) in Lost Mode. This is required if there is no passcode yet.
  • Locking a Mac of a family member should also enter Apple ID password.
  • A reachable phone number is required when asked. It will appears on the Lock Screen’s device.
  • The Lost Mode will allow you to enter custom message to appear on the screen of the lost or stolen device.

Note: You may need to go to authorized repair center to unlock any device with forgotten passcode.

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