Find My iPhone for iPad, Mac and Apple Watch – The Details

You have the chance in getting your missing Apple devices back. Yes, with the app Find My iPhone, you can make it happen. Or, using the application of iCloud too is a way. In this article, you will learn how to find your missing device steps.

First of all, you need to sign in into your iCloud. Then get the Find My iPhone app to be downloaded. Your missing device can be tracked using the app. You need to go for checking Activation Lock. It is a security feature which requires your Apple ID and password. This is needed so that your data can be saved before anyone can delete or reactive the missing device of yours.

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Turning on Find My Iphone

In order to locate and protect your Apple device from the wrong hands, you need to set up the app. Sign in to iCloud or use Find My iPhone app to see the device that missing on a map. You can play a sound, use Lost Mode to lock and track for finding it. If you are okay with the missing Apple device, then you better to erase all your data or personal information on it.

How to Set Up Find My iPhone

Go to Home Screen> Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone> Send Last Location. You may need to enter your Apple ID and password. Well, if you forget, then you can go to Apple support. After setting up the app, it is also automatically set up in the paired Apple watch too.

Find My Mac Set Up

Go to Apple Menu> System Preferences> iCloud> Scheck the Box to have Find My Mac turned on.

Then you click Details> Open Security & Privacy > Enable Location Services. You may need to click the “Lock Icon” to enter name and password of your computer administrator if in Security & Privacy preferences, the Enable Location Services is dimmed.

It is good to have Find My iPhone and Family Sharing on Apple devices. Any family member can help each other when one’s device goes missing.

It is easy to set up with Family Sharing for a harmony in digital life. Up to 6 people can share iBooks, iTunes and any purchases on App Store. There is no need of sharing accounts at all. By using the same credit card, paying for purchases is simple. Approving kids’ purchases from a parent’s device is also featured with safe and convenience. To keep all family members connected, sharing photos, calendar and more is nice.

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Family Sharing Set Up

Any Apple device with iOS 8 or later can use Family Sharing app. iCloud for Windows, Mac with OS X Yosemite or later and iTunes 12 can also have the app.

Family Sharing for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Go to Settings, iCloud> Set Up Family Sharing> just follow the onscreen steps.

Family Sharing for Mac

Go to Apple Menu> System Preferences > iCloud> Set Up Family, and follow the onscreen steps.

Simple Organization

To have the app of Family Sharing, one adult in the family can invite additional 5 members. Indeed, he / she should agree to pay for any purchases on the App Store like iBooks and iTunes. Once every one is joined, the app is automatically set up. Making purchases is easy with set to set limits too. Kids under 13 can have the device too. This will keep parents monitoring where the kids are.

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